Classrooms of the Future – Virtual Education


Many of us have heard of Second Life. But did you know there were many educational resources available? Check out Jo Kay and Sean FitzGerald’s wiki page on this very topic.
From the Educational Uses of Second Life wiki page, I found this list of links.

There are heaps of resuorces avaialble and I can see it will take me some time to get through. Am I keen to explore it?

  • Yes just to see what can be done
  • No because I’m scared I’ll spend far too much time there. I think that at the moment, I might stick with the latter option.

2 thoughts on “Classrooms of the Future – Virtual Education

  1. This is a fantastic list – thanks for pointing us to it! Now, if only I was ‘allowed’ to explore this in my workplace, I would be even happier. 🙂 Jo and Sean certainly do a great job leading us all in this field. The problem is bandwidth (of course) for schools in Australia, and the fact that there are so many aspects of Web 2.0 that we need to encourage teachers in – that somehow SL does not yet have the prominence that I believe it will in coming years.

  2. Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for this. I need to read about and explore a wikis. I use yours as well as look for others

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