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With thanks to Paul Harrington and Judy O’Connell, I have just stumbled on podOmatic. This site is similar to Odeo (but in my opinion, it is “safer” – read the end comment) and allows users to create podcasts and store them on their server for access by anyone else. But, the most exciting thing for me is it is now possible to have a podmail account.

What is podMail?
podMail is just like regular email, only different. With podMail, you now have the power to create your own audio or upload existing audio from your computer and podMail it right into your friend’s iPod!
What kinds of messages can I receive at my podomatic.com e-mail address?
Although you can send anything to anyone using podMail, we restrict what kinds of messages get to you from the e-mail world. This is to prevent spam from going into your account. So if you’re using podMail, send whatever you want! If you’re using an e-mail client, or you are asking your friends to send you e-mail @podomatic.com, remember that e-mail from the outside world must include an mp3 attachment to be delivered to you @podomatic.com.
Where does podMail go?
podMail goes from podOmatic into your iPod. We transfer it from our servers through podAmigo into your daycast, where you can hear it at your leisure.
Who can hear my podMail?
Only you. It has the same privacy characteristics as email.
How cool? Or should that be “How sick!” I can now create a podcast and e-mail it directly to my students iPod!! Wow! Imagine creating a set of revision notes for your senior students (of course, many of us have these already in Word format, all we’d need to do is use a reader to convert them) in podcast format and then send them via podmail to our students so they can listen to it on their iPods as they travel to and from school before their major exams!!
But it could be even better than that! podOmatic allows the user to create podcasts with slideshows or screencasts (think PowerPoint, Camtasia). If a student had a Video iPod, imagine the posssibilities. Sending students copies of a vodcast, screencast, whatever you’d like to call it. As a senior Maths and IT teacher, and exams coming up, I’ll be investigating this area further.
And why am I more excited about podOmatic than Odeo? Because podOmatic doesn’t have a sex category on their front page as Odeo has. I find it disturbing that Odeo looks like a great site, but they let everyone know about their sex podcasts on their homepage. And they are pretty graphic. I’m not prepared to show students Odeo with the potential backlash from parents when their child can access porn so easily. podOmatic has it too, but it is not so obvious and a search needs to be done. Call me a prude, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable showing kids Odeo in class.
I’ll be sending a message to podOmatic to keep it clean for our students. Please feel free to ask them too.
I’d be interested in knowing how others may use podmail in their classes in the future.

5 thoughts on “podOmatic = podmail

  1. I am glad that you had a look at Podomatic – Yes the audio mail aspect is excellent also the fact that you moderate it yourself, I do particularly like the fact that the main page is informative and not graphic – the folks there seem really friendly and supportive of each other as well.

  2. Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for the kind message you left on my podcast at podomatic. I also only just discovered the potential of podomatic so really appreciate the comments you wrote in your blog – great cross-reference. Would you mind just correcting my name? I’m going to catch up with your blog as you have some great ideas to share with others. Hope to see a comment some time on my heyjude blog sometime. Cheers, Judy

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  4. So sorry Judy. It was late and now corrected. And yes, I started to write a comment, but got very distracted with podOmatic after seeing your site that I forgot about it.